Base Training

Winter training.
     The Base period.
          Zone 1-2 rides.
               Low intensity.

Back in simpler times, I would roll next door to my friend Jody’s house for our group ride. Our route took us down to the end of Gill’s driveway where a bridge indicated the intermediate sprint point and the turnaround spot. Easier said than done on training wheels.

I don’t recall specifically classifying our November rides or making any special consideration as to heart rate or power zones. I’m fairly certain we were just riding our bikes and absolutely loving it.

Not much has changed since then. Mostly just the vocabulary. I’m okay with this progression. As long as big words and prescriptive programs don’t take the fun out of riding my bike, I’ll try them out.

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  1. Jenny Watts says:

    Fall days, good memories – cherish every one.

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