Pescadero Coastal Classic

Too explosive, but at least I beat the cameraman.

With a full field of 75 under foggy skies we rolled out from Pescadero High School at 7:45am. My legs felt good and I wasn’t put under any pressure over the small climbs along Stage Road or the first time up Haskins Hill. This is an absolutely beautiful course and as the sun came out I almost wanted to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Almost.

The field was somewhat reduced as we made our way over Haskins and I worked a bit at the front on our way back into Pescadero hoping to keep more of a selection.

There was a short surge as we came up on the intermediate sprint prime outside of Pescadero, but once again no one attacked as we made our way over the climbs along Stage Road. A few miles up Hwy 84 one guy broke away and took maybe a 30 second advantage, but the bunch kept him in check.

We caught the solo break at the feed zone just before the start of Haskins Hill. As we made the sharp right turn onto the climb the road narrowed and from my perspective the field blew apart. In retrospect, I should have been closer to the front, but in reality my legs just didn’t have it in them. I clawed my way to the top, battling it out with a few fellow stragglers to finish 25th.

Thanks to Nate Dunn from Data Driven Athlete for posting this video on YouTube (and for letting me pass him just before the finish):

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  1. Dave Watts says:

    Good race… fun to read your blog….keep up the riding and the writing…dad

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