Grasshopper – King’s Ridge/Annapolis

That was the best tasting Coke I’ve ever had.

Dropped on King’s Ridge climb. Chased with Jim Barkow. Caught front group. Dropped again at water stop. Chased. Two leaders got separation on Tin Barn descent after we were caught behind a dually truck. Chased with a group of about five over Annapolis and Hwy 1. Caught leaders at water stop along Hwy 1. Dropped on the dirt climb up Kruse Ranch Road. Flatted on descent. Soloed Seaview. Caught by a chasing group of around ten. Blown down Hwy 1 by a massive tailwind. Crawled up Willow Creek for the finish and the Coke. Five hours and 90 miles of pain, suffering, and amazing views.

Thanks to Tom Rosencrantz for the GoPro photo.

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2 Responses to Grasshopper – King’s Ridge/Annapolis

  1. Wow, that sounds like a brutal race. Sounds like you did some of the same climbs we did at Gordos Gran Fondo. Can’t imagine doing them at race pace. Great L’Etape training.

    • mikwat says:

      Good point, it covered quite a bit of Gordos Gran Fondo route, just in reverse. Great country, as you know!

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